BIT Huachuang injects vitality into the development of Foton AUV, serving G20 Summit in Hangzhou

Under the global attention, the G20 Summit came to a perfect ending at Hangzhou recently. During the summit, 80 Foton AUV clean energy buses take the transportation work for the dignitaries and official media from all over the world, which not only marks that the Chinese clean energy buses, represented by Foton AUV, are recognized by the whole world, but also shows the creativity of ‘Made in China’.

As the strategic partners in the field of clean energy vehicles of Foton AUV, BIT Huachuang has been working on providing safer, more reliable and more advanced technologies and products for Foton AUV from the very beginning when Foton AUV fixed its eyes on this field, in order to propel the development of industrialization of the clean energy vehicles together.

BIT Huachuang Electric Vehicle Technology Company. LTD, founded in 2010, is the only industrialization depending company for the electric vehicle technologies of Beijing Institute of Technology, also authorized by the Beijing municipal development and reform commission (NDRC) to found the electric vehicle engineering research center of Beijing. BIT Huachuang has been working on the research of key technology for clean energy vehicles, we has mastered many core technologies such as the vehicle network control technology, vehicle dynamics control technology, integrated electric drive and transmission technology and distributed control technology, and formed the vehicle controller, power conversion integrated controller, electric driving system ,electric transmission assembly, distributed platform and some other products, which has made BIT Huachuang a leader of core technologies, a provider of advanced power system platform and a supplier of new operating mode in the field of clean energy vehicles.