Electric Buses Equipped with BIT Huachuang System Platform are Put into Operation in Poland

Recently, China & Poland e-Bus project——pure electric buses equipped with BIT Huachuang platform have been put into operation in the historic city Jaworzno, southern Poland. These buses make a contribution to Jaworzno’s bus system and provide a cleaner and more stable pure-electric-bus service for local passengers.

The vehicle models are equipped with "Huachuang power" system platform developed by our company, including vehicle control system which has intelligent drive assistance functions, dual motor drive system which can achieve optimal allocation of power and torque, intelligent power conversion system and so on. These products make the vehicle work more efficiently in all range of speed in the power system and make the corresponding index requirements contained unit load mass energy consumption significantly lower than the national quality standard of subsidies and make the vehicle has good dynamic quality and economy. This system passed the EU certification successfully in 2015.
China & Poland e-Bus project is achieved by the Beijing Institute of Technology and its academic based company BIT Huachuang. They use the achievement of national 863 projects and with the help of the upstream and downstream quality resources on domestic electric bus in Zhengzhou Yutong, CITIC Guoan MGL, Shanghai Electric coaches. And in the cooperation with Poland TAURON Group, Warsaw University of technology, the Beijing Institute of Technology has put the Olympic electric bus platform technology into operation in the European Union and has been supported by Ministry of Science and international cooperation projects.
The project costs more than 28 million yuan in the first stage of the demonstration and its goal is to integrate advanced technological resources in China and establish an electric public transport system with the TAURON Group in Poland based on the existing BIT electric bus system platform. The main work includes importing six buses from China which carry BIT bus system platform, quick-change power battery robot system, battery charging station and emergency services systems and then conducting a two-year demonstration operation work in major cities in Poland. The plan of the second stage of the project is to build 16 charging stations in five cities in Poland, to put 780 electric buses in to operation and to promote the system to implement in other EU Member States and neighboring countries together. The project marked the exportation and authorization of high-tech achievements from China to Europe, which is in line with the national "along the way" going out strategy and is profound for China to enhance China's international image.
BIT Huachuang Electric Vehicle Technology Company. Ltd. was established in 2010. It is the only industrial support unit of Beijing Institute of Technology’s electric vehicle technology and it established "Beijing Electric Vehicle Engineering Research Center" which is authorized by the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission .The company is committed to long-term research of the key technologies of new energy vehicles. It has acquired the vehicle network control technology, vehicle dynamics control technology, integrated electric drive and transmission technology, distributed multi-motor control technology and other core technologies and formed vehicle controller, power conversion integrated controller, electric drive and transmission assembly, distributed controllers and other products. It is the leader of the key technology of pure electric commercial vehicle area. It is the provider of advanced power system platform and key parts. And it is the pioneer of new operating model.